(THE UKRAINE) ON MAY 21–24, 2001

It was not a standard international scientific conference or symposium, but rather a forum of advanced level, intensive discussions between qualified experts from two countries.

The primary aim of this forum is to promote close (face to face) working relationships between scientists, engineers and designers from the USA and the Ukraine, to contribute to the critical assessment of existing knowledge on new important topics, to identify directions for future research. 

Altogether 6 American and 16 Ukrainian leading scientists have presented their latest developments in the field.

The Workshop agenda included lectures, open discussions and a round table discussion “The Energy Sector of The Ukraine: Present and Future”, scientific tours and social events. The Workshop attracted over 50 scientists, engineers and designers from all over the Ukraine.

07.01.2002 © A.Lisovski S.Shevtsov A.Kuzmin A.Khalatov Institute of Engineering Thermophysics National Academy of Sciences of The Ukraine